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What Is An Integrated Entrepreneur?


All innovations happen when people use their experiences in a new way. The greatest inventors and entrepreneurs are able to come up with new ideas because they see something, usually something everyone else is seeing, in a different way. They see different possibilities and potential—ways to make things bigger, better, faster, or cheaper that no one else had ever considered or acted upon before.

An invaluable resource for entrepreneurs is their own unique perspective, which comes from integrating their unique experiences and advantages. By integrating all the ways that make them unique problem solvers in their industry, entrepreneurs establish the ideal conditions for generating success through innovation.

Uniqueness leads to new value creation.
Entrepreneurs start with a big advantage because they tend to value their own experience more than they value what other people say or do. They are more likely than most people to do something simply because their own experience tells them that it’s right, even if no one else has done it that way before. This makes them more innovative in their solutions, often more contrarian, and more comfortable with risk.

Because entrepreneurs’ growth and success are so directly tied to creating value in the marketplace, their unique approach is naturally directed toward creating innovations that will benefit others.

There are eight key characteristics that the highest-performing entrepreneurs constantly integrate:
1. Unique experiences. They are clear about the experiences that have made the biggest difference to them and to others around them.
2. Unique goals. They are clear about where they want their future progress and achievement to be.
3. Unique obstacles. They see all roadblocks as opportunities for growth.
4. Unique character. They clearly understand what other people count on them for and where they have a permanent, positive impact.
5. Unique Ability. They understand how their superior skill combines with their passion.
6. Unique advantages. They appreciate the assets and situations that give them an advantage.
7. Unique relationships. They see where great teamwork is possible with other unique individuals.
8. Unique value. They understand the unique difference they make in other people’s lives.

Every entrepreneur has the raw material for success.
The ones who are most successful are those who consciously integrate their personal advantages into their activities and strategies. They take their own experience—good and bad—and transform it into new concepts and capabilities. Through their businesses, they constantly make the most of all these unique characteristics and, more than that, deepen and strengthen them.

Because they can integrate the different facets of their own lives in the face of endless global change, entrepreneurs are in a position to help others do the same. They use their self-created sense of direction to provide others with leadership. They use their self-created sense of confidence to enrich relationships. And they use their self-created sense of capability to provide others with creative products and services.

When you look at entrepreneurial innovation from this perspective, it’s easy to see how there can be even more unique offerings and innovations than there are entrepreneurs. An entrepreneur’s ability to integrate turns change that overwhelms others into opportunity and advantages.

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