Achieve greater growth and freedom in both your business and personal life.

If you’re a business owner who has your sights set on ‘sky’s the limit’ growth, The Strategic Coach Signature Programme gives you the freedom to create the kind of richly satisfying life you dreamed of when you started your own business.

We offer The Signature Programme in both virtual (online) and classic (in-person) formats. The core of your experience is the same, but how you connect is modified for each option. Choose the programme type that works best for you.

CLASSIC: Our in-person workshops allow you to become fully immersed in the strategy and planning of your life and business while connecting with your coach and the other entrepreneurs in the room. No distractions: only you, your vision, and the tools and resources to get you to where you want to be.

VIRTUAL: Our online workshops give you the proven benefits of Strategic Coach® with the flexibility you need. With the ability to attend from anywhere in the world, this is the perfect option for entrepreneurs who want to save time and avoid travel complexities, while still enjoying massive results and breakthroughs.

It is not a quick fix. It is about you and your growth.

You decide on your most important goals and we provide the structure, tools, and support that will give you a new perspective on your business and a fresh way of thinking.

How does it work?

The Programme revolves around quarterly workshops, which you’ll attend every 90 days in London. Every workshop is led by an experienced coach, who is a successful business owner in their own right and a long-time Programme participant.

The First Three Years

Year 1: Vision And Personal Productivity

The focus is entirely on you, your vision, your personal productivity, and the teamwork you’ll need to make it possible. We’ll look at the habits and the mindsets that will give you the confidence and accountability to make changes.

Workshop 1: The Entrepreneurial Time System®
Workshop 2: Your Unique Ability® Advantage
Workshop 3: Your Unique Ability® Teamwork
Workshop 4: Your 10x Mind Expander®

Year 2: Value Creation and Innovation

Here we’ll focus on what you need to do to create even greater value in your market, with all the tools and strategies to identify, package, and expand your innovation so you can bypass your competition and avoid any stagnation.

Workshop 1: The D.O.S. Conversation® (Dangers, Opportunities, and Strengths)
Workshop 2: Your Unique Process
Workshop 3: Your Innovation Cycle
Workshop 4: Your Leadership

Year 3: Self Managing/Self-Multiplying Organisation

We’ll help you develop a self-managing and self-multiplying organisation—one that will leverage your Unique Ability®, strengthen your culture and purpose and position you as a leader in your industry.

Workshop 1: Present Company/Future Company
Workshop 2: Your Unique Company Culture
Workshop 3: Self-Managing Company® Expansion
Workshop 4: The Collaboration Breakthrough

The Strategic Coach Programme has always been a programme that evolves as the needs of business owners change in order to thrive in the quickly-changing world around them.

What support will I receive?

In between the workshops, you’ll have one-on-one calls with your Programme Advisor to keep you and your team clear, focused, and confident about your goals and progress. You’ll also have online access to the proprietary Strategic Coach® thinking and productivity tools.

What’s the end result?

Quarter by quarter, you’ll change the way you do things, the way you think, and the way you see yourself and your business. Your business results will improve, your freedom will increase, and your opportunities will expand.

Ready to transform your future?