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Remember 1988? A great year for business.

The Strategic Coach Team

We didn’t have email or mobile phones or Skype meetings. In 1988, we sent people letters, popped round, or telephoned their secretaries. Back then, British Rail was state-owned, we smoked cigarettes at our desks, drank instant coffee, and Kylie was still in Neighbours.

In just over 30 years, we’ve seen unprecedented change in every area of our lives. Technology, privatisation, globalisation, companies as brands, the rise of CSR, big data, always on … the way we do business has not just advanced, it has utterly transformed.

Look back to 1988 and you can see the beginnings of this transformation, with a new enterprise culture emerging in the UK. Margaret Thatcher was in the midst of selling off state-owned infrastructure, banks were relaxing their attitudes to small businesses, and new sources of funding, including enterprise grants, were springing up. A new class of British entrepreneur was being enabled. The number of self-employed people rose by a huge 59 percent in the years from 1979 to 1988; this was a tribe of self-starters, now encouraged to go their own way.

While this shift was happening in the UK, across the pond, Dan Sullivan was creating his own new enterprise culture: the Strategic Coach mindset.

A big business development.
In 1988, Dan Sullivan was running his own successful business and realised he had more to offer. He would start something that would help thousands of entrepreneurs across the world. Strategic Coach was set up to show growth-minded business owners how to navigate change and exceed their own expectations. Many of the people who sought out Dan’s thinking then are still coming back for more.

For over 30 years, Dan and the team have provided tools and techniques for business owners to achieve faster growth, greater profits, and an exceptional quality of life, whatever the future holds.

What’s next for you? Find out more about our innovative business coaching.

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