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20 Dan Sullivan Quotes (Inspirational Tips & Insights)


For entrepreneurs, a simple quote can often provide the necessary fuel to push through and keep their business afloat when times are tough. Reading quotes from other entrepreneurs who have been through what you’re going through is a great way to learn and adapt to your current situation.

And as you may know, there is a Dan Sullivan quote for just about everything. But today, we’re looking at some quotes from Dan that are meant to inspire you during uncertain times. These quotes can apply to any number of scary circumstances you might find yourself in as an entrepreneur, including the current scary times we’re going through with the coronavirus pandemic.

There is one key lesson in all of these quotes: No matter how scary things may feel, entrepreneurs have the unique capability to create new value out of anything. More than anyone else, entrepreneurs are perfectly positioned to thrive during times of uncertainty by pivoting their businesses and adapting to change.

20 great Dan Sullivan quotes for scary times.

This collection of Dan Sullivan quotes is meant to inspire and keep you going during scary times. If you’re feeling unsure or worried about the future—you’re in the right place!

  1. “We depend on our circumstances to force a lot of our progress in life.”
  2. “The ones who are planning on returning to the old normal are going to be continually disappointed because they’re going to find there’s no evidence that the old normal is coming back.”
  3. “If you acknowledge the positives, you have the confidence to look at the negatives.”
  4. “When we’re confident, we’re focused on the present rather than worried about the future, and that makes it much easier to see how to turn obstacles into opportunities, weaknesses into advantages, and setbacks into breakthroughs.”
  5. “There are winning quarters and learning quarters.”
  6. “It’s more satisfying to be useful now than remembered later.”
  7. “Most of our goals are generated by negative experiences.”
  8. “For anyone who is wondering how to develop an entrepreneurial mindset, I have one simple answer: Learn from your experiences.”
  9. “Most growth happens as a result of many small steps. The key is to keep taking them.”
  10. “Good things only happen when you’re in motion.”
  11. “If predictability won’t come from the outside, we need to have it from the inside.”
  12. “Remember that happiness is a decision, not a result.”
  13. “Life is a confidence game. Those who create it win. Those who neglect it lose.”
  14. “Fear is a natural part of growth.”
  15. “Many people are shocked by the scary circumstances that have suddenly changed their lives—their business lives and personal lives. These are not normal circumstances, so you can’t go about selling in the normal way. But you can really take advantage of the present circumstances to be an extraordinary salesperson.”
  16. “The way to be a hero is by demonstrating to other people how they can be heroes.”
  17. “Between now and the end of the day, you’ve got an opportunity to do certain things, and doing them will actually change what’s possible for tomorrow.”
  18. “We’re all experiencing a shift in behaviour. And once behaviour changes, your aspirations change, your goal setting changes, and you have to create a new future. Normally, we can do this over longer periods of time, but right now, 24 hours is probably the best use of your focus. What can you do in the next 24 hours?”
  19. “The word responsibility is interesting because if you take it apart, it’s actually the ability to respond.”
  20. “The current situation really took us by surprise, but we don’t have control over events like these. You can waste a lot of energy trying to control events, but that’s not a useful activity. What we can do is constantly improve our ability to respond to surprising events.”

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