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Strategic Coach FAQs


The Signature Programme offers the same tools, community-building, and opportunity to focus on your business in both our Classic in-person and Virtual programme streams. Choose the stream that’s right for you based on your preferred learning style: CLASSIC—four day-long, in-person workshops per year offered in one of four cities (Chicago, Toronto, Los Angeles, or London) or VIRTUAL—six four-hour sessions per year that offer the flexibility of connecting from anywhere. Both programme streams offer between-session touchpoints with a dedicated Programme expert and unlimited access to Coach Connect (our fully customised client website) and game-changing conversations and concepts.

You qualify for the Programme if you:

• are a business owner who wants to grow

• have a minimum of £150K salary/personal income verifiable by tax receipts or a letter from your accountant OR have a business which has a minimum turnover of £500K

• have a been trading for 3 years or more

• have a team of 3 or more

The Programme works for business owners who:

• earn an income that is only limited by the results you produce in the marketplace.

• are free to choose whom you work with (both clients/customers and team members/staff).

• are in a position to decide how much free time you can take.

Entrepreneurs in the Strategic Coach® Signature Programme benefit greatly from being with a peer group that shares similar issues and confidence levels, and has similar levels of resources available to get things done. In our experience, issues, resources, and confidence levels tend to shift at certain thresholds of net personal income.

Independent surveys of the vast majority of Strategic Coach® participants show that on average:

• a business owner’s income will double within three years of joining the Programme.

• free time doubles after only six months.

• quality of life improves dramatically.

This is possible because participants are able to greatly simplify their lives, increase their focus and productivity, strengthen their teams, and leverage their unique talents.

We call the Strategic Coach® Signature Programme a “lifetime focusing system”: Our concepts, tools, and strategies are not just about money and success, but about using these as the means to build a life that’s meaningful to you.

For more specific details about the results clients have achieved and the impact the Programme has had on their lives, please see our Success Stories.

The in-person workshop day consists of a combination of focusing exercises, planning, creative thinking, and sharing with other participants. It’s an interactive experience, as opposed to a lecture, with opportunities for individual work, and both large- and small-group discussions. The workshops are held quarterly, and each day runs from 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m.

A catered breakfast and lunch are also provided at each workshop.

The virtual workshop day also consists of focusing exercises, planning, creative thinking, and sharing with other participants. Like our in-person workshops, it’s an interactive experience—albeit different due to the remote nature of the programme—and offers opportunities for individual work, small-group breakouts, and large-group discussions. The workshops are held six times a year and are four hours per session.

Business coaching unlocks opportunities in both your business and personal life. The Signature Programme, designed exclusively for successful and motivated business owners, will help you achieve greater profits and growth in your business, and more freedom and happiness in your personal life.

The Strategic Coach® Signature Programme is a lifetime focusing programme. The majority of Strategic Coach® participants consider the Programme to be an ongoing part of their entrepreneurial lives. The initial three years create the foundation for exponentially greater results thereafter. If you’re wondering what time frame you’re committing to, for most business owners, it takes about three years to make the major transformations in their habits, support structures, capabilities, and relationships that allow them to break through to where really dramatic new opportunities are possible. The first three years of the Programme are designed to support and guide business owners through these challenging but incredibly rewarding times.

After the first three years, participants usually have a greatly expanded vision of the possibilities for their future. Some participants choose to continue in the Signature Programme, where they’ll gain the structure and insights to help them make quantum leaps in their income and achievements, all the while ensuring that the foundation they’ve worked so hard to build remains strong enough to support this new growth and to fund the realisation of new dreams. And some clients choose to join Dan Sullivan’s 10x Ambition Programme, which is focused on making exponential changes and improvements in one’s business and life.

At every level of the Strategic Coach® Signature Programme, your coach will be a successful business owner and current Strategic Coach® client with many years’ experience implementing the tools and concepts of the Programme in their own business.

All of our coaches continue to run their own businesses and are participants in the Programme in addition to their coaching responsibilities. Coaches are selected through a rigorous screening process and extensively trained in the delivery of the materials.

Between workshops, you will have access to a Programme Advisor who is an expert at helping business owners implement the tools and concepts of the Programme in their lives and businesses. Your Programme Advisor is available by phone and email to ensure that you maximise the return on your investment in the Programme.

Another area where business owners often appreciate support is in communicating what they’re learning to their team members. Our Team Programmes have been specially developed to help you bring your team on board and maximise their capabilities and effectiveness in helping you realise your expanding vision of the future.

A few times a year, we also offer optional specialised workshops for participants to attend with their spouses to focus exclusively on strengthening and renewing that important relationship.

Knowledge Products — books, audio presentations, and software that relay important concepts and tools from the Programme — are another resource that is available to help you share what you’re learning with your team, family, community, and others.

As well, Strategic Coach® clients have exclusive access to our client site where they can use our online tools, watch exclusive videos, listen to audio presentations, and more.

Occasionally, emergencies arise that make it impossible to attend a workshop as scheduled. Though we do not offer refunds for missed sessions, we will do our best to offer rescheduling options that match the missed session as closely as possible to accommodate these circumstances. In the rare event that a close match to the missed session is not available during a reasonable time frame, we will substitute a personalised Coaching Call, done by phone, to keep you on track. We cannot stress enough, however, the benefits to you and to your group of attending your workshop as scheduled if at all possible.

Fees for the Strategic Coach® Signature Programme are paid up front on an annual basis. For the sake of fairness, all participants must pay their fees in full before attending the first session of a new year. This creates a level playing field for all business owners in a given workshop as everyone knows that everyone else in the group has made the same financial commitment they have. In our experience, this translates into a commitment to participate fully and get the most out of the year’s sessions, which improves the experience for everyone.

The Strategic Coach® Signature Programme is unique among coaching programmes in that it’s been evolving for over 30 years and is based on over 40 years of experience working with highly successful entrepreneurs. Everything about the Programme is tailored to help business owners multiply their results, from the powerful content, which is constantly evolving, to the structure of the Programme itself and its top–notch entrepreneur coaches.