Powerful teamwork is the secret to success. Accelerate yours!

You’ve experienced the energizing, inspiring conversations that happen in Strategic Coach® workshops, and you know the value of using great tools. Give your team the same experience!

What is Team Tools®?
This two-day workshop for your key team members introduces core Program thinking tools and strategies that produce the proactive, strategic, collaborative teamwork known to create the best results—entrepreneurial attitude included. Leveraging you becomes everyone’s mission.

Using tools like The Self-Managing Company, Kolbe, and Unique Ability®, your team members will be better able to:

  • Use their initiative and decision-making abilities to deliver great results on key projects.
  • Work toward building a Self-Managing Company focused on growth.
  • Understand, communicate, and work more effectively with others.
  • Have a personal stake in developing themselves within their role.

How does this benefit me—and my team?
Above all else, the workshop will develop your team’s entrepreneurial attitude. It will also help them to understand your goals and how to make them happen using their talents to multiply yours! They will:

  • Become laser-focused on key goals and consistently take action.
  • Develop superb communication and teamwork skills.
  • Always learn from their experiences.
  • Have energy and enthusiasm for their work.
  • Be extremely resourceful, always looking for the best solutions.

They’ll learn:

  • What Unique Ability is and why Unique Ability® Teamwork is important for productivity and profitability.
  • How to use The Entrepreneurial Time System® and the benefits of The Team Weekly Planner.
  • About their Kolbe profile and what it means when working with you and the team.

Who should I send?
Sign up your key team members who work closely with you and can best support you in implementing the plans you’ve made in your workshops.