A new level of collaboration and partnership with your team leaders.

Give your team leaders the tools to be your strategic growth partners, and fast-track your Self-Managing Company®.

What is The Strategic Coach Team Leader Program?
It’s an executive-level quarterly workshop series where your team leaders learn advanced Program mindsets, tools, and concepts that mesh with yours.

It’s your team leaders who will be the key to integrating Strategic Coach® thinking and tools into your organization’s bloodstream so you’re continually building a 10x Self-Managing Company and, ultimately, a Self-Multiplying Company.

What would it mean to your business growth to have someone you can download your best workshop thinking and insights to? Someone who can leverage your time and focus, and translate your vision and thinking to your team? Someone who will take initiative on your key projects and work with your team to get them done? This is Unique Ability® Teamwork at its best—the foundation of any company that can manage itself to success.

The best way to have a partner in Strategic Coach®.
Entrepreneurial team leaders play a vital role in your organization. They communicate your vision and purpose to the team and ensure that the work is getting done—and that you’re getting results. In the Team Leader workshops, they meet other entrepreneurial team leaders and have the time to think strategically about your company’s growth. Having your team leader in the program makes communication and implementation faster and easier since you’re both working from the same set of blueprints.

By getting away once a quarter, your team leaders will:

  • Work on, not just in, your business, and focus on strategic planning for the next 90 days.
  • Stay current with what you’re learning at Strategic Coach, which will make it easier for you to connect and download after your workshops.
  • Benefit from a community of other entrepreneurial team leaders they can discuss challenges, opportunities, and ideas with.
  • Take initiative on your quarterly game plan and key projects and get your team on board.
  • Be even more aligned with you and your company’s purpose.
  • Develop their entrepreneurial teamwork and leadership.
  • Be your accountability partner.
  • Leverage your passion and focus.