Empower your assistant with the tools to support your growth, and theirs.

What’s this program all about?
A Strategic Assistant® is your first and last line of defense against the endless distractions, interruptions, and demands that can separate you from your Unique Ability®. The Strategic Assistant Webinar Program gives your assistant the knowledge and tools to better manage your time, activities, and relationships so you can make constant progress toward your Bigger Future.

How does this benefit me?
After completing this weekly webinar series, your assistant will be more tuned in to your thinking, anticipate what needs to be done, and support you with increased enthusiasm and capability. Specifically, they will learn how to:

  • Keep you on track by scheduling and protecting your Free, Focus, and Buffer Days so you’re rejuvenated, productive, and prepared.
  • Use Kolbe as the basis for improved understanding and communication.
  • Be proactive in communicating with you—making sure you’re always up to date, yet buffered from what you don’t need to be involved in.
  • Free you up from everything you don’t like doing so you can spend more time in your area of Unique Ability.

Who should I register for the program?
The program is designed for the person who directly manages your schedule and day-to-day activities. It works best if they’ve worked with you for a minimum of three months and you think they’re worth the investment. If you’re still not certain, check out “Who’s a right fit for the webinars?” in the FAQ.

What’s the format?
This program consists of six 90-minute weekly webinars, along with additional tips and boosters. During this series, your assistant will learn in-depth, practical applications of The Entrepreneurial Time System®, the Top 20 Club and Farm Club, and the Kolbe System. Fundamental Strategic Coach® tools—The Positive Focus®, The Strategy Circle®, The Weekly Planner, The Experience Transformer®, and The Impact Filter—will also be covered.

The sessions are led by a coach who is also a Strategic Coach Program Advisor—someone who is highly skilled in working with our clients and their teams on the practical strategies to achieve their goals.

Your assistant will also benefit from the conversation with other assistants on the webinars (maximum 12). They’ll gain a community of like-minded support partners they can collaborate with and share experiences and ideas.