This quarterly workshop program brings the Coach experience to you and your team!

Would you like to accelerate your Self-Managing Company®?

Bring Strategic Coach® in-house, and we’ll work with you and your team to make your vision of a Self-Managing Company a reality. We come to your location and work with you every quarter to get everyone clear on your company goals and how to best accomplish them. Every session is designed to be a stepping stone to your next level of growth and success.

Here’s the outline of Year 1:

Session 1. Vision & Strengths
This session gets everyone aligned on your common vision and clear on the strengths they bring to the table.

We start by getting clarity on your vision for your Self-Managing Company—what it looks like, how you measure success—and scoring where you are now. We’ll also work with you and your team to identify the unique strengths everyone brings to the table, and we’ll use two key tools to translate ideas into action.

Before the session:
The Self-Managing Company Scorecard
The Vision Breakthrough
Kolbe A* and StrengthsFinder**

Key concepts:
The Moving Future
The Self-Managing Company Breakthrough
Maximizing Your Strengths
The Impact Filter Mindset
The Strategy Circle® Mindset

Session 2 — Upping Your Game
Everyone will learn how to contribute their unique strengths most effectively into teamwork and focus on progress, not perfection.

Multiplying everyone’s strengths isn’t possible without maximizing teamwork. In this session, your team will get clear on their areas of Unique Ability® and leave with an Action Plan to put everyone’s best talents to work to produce the fastest results. In addition, we focus on the mindsets, skills, and habits it takes to achieve good teamwork, delegation, and communication.

Before the session:
Review Scorecard Progress
The Activity Inventory

Key concepts:
Your Moving Future Progress
The Gap And The Gain
The Unique Ability® Advantage
Teamwork & Communication Strategies

Session 3: Productivity Multiplier
Everyone gets clear on how to make the best use of their time, knows how to transform experiences, and commits to higher levels of growth.

Freedom of time is a key component of a successful Self-Managing Company. In this workshop, everyone will define their Free, Focus, and Buffer Activities and structure their weeks to maximize their productivity. We’ll also go over how to transform both positive and negative experiences, and use The 80% Approachto escape the traps of perfectionism and procrastination.

Before the session:
Review Scorecard Progress
The Team Success Handbook

Key concepts:
Your Moving Future Progress
The Entrepreneurial Time System® & Weekly Planner
The Experience Transformer® Mindset
The 80% Approach
The 4 C’s Formula® For Growth

Session 4: Focusing Your Front Stage
Learn how to differentiate yourself completely from your competition, and give your team clarity about the Unique Experience you create for your clients.

Together, we’ll work to clearly define how your company creates value for your clients based on their Dangers, Opportunities, and Strengths (their D.O.S.®). You’ll define your Right-Fit Client, strategize how to strengthen both your Back Stage and Front Stage, and find out how to create the type of Unique Experience your clients will never want to give up.

Before the session:
Self-Managing Company Progress Report

Key concepts:
Your Moving Future Progress
The D.O.S. Conversation®
The Right-Fit Client
The Front Stage/Back Stage Model®
The Unique Method® Mindset

Year 2 opportunity: At the end of the day, we’ll debrief your year and discuss the opportunity to keep your Self-Managing Company momentum going. 

How to get started:

  • Contact one of our Coach+ Specialists to discuss your goals for your Self-Managing Company and your team.
  • Schedule your sessions.
  • Experience breakthroughs with your team!