We bring the Coach experience to you and your team!

What is an Onsite Advantage Workshop?
The Onsite Advantage gives you all the benefits of introducing your whole team to Coach thinking and tools—and the convenience of it happening just down the hall, or at a location you choose!

These one-day customized workshops focus on what’s most important to the growth of your business right now. What tools will give you the most traction in building a Unique Ability® Team that is the key to your Self-Managing Company®? Choose from four different workshops or customize your own.

The Unique Ability® Advantage:
Get everyone’s Unique Ability working together to get the best possible results!
Empowering your team members with a life-changing insight into their Unique Ability® is the first step in creating a true Unique Ability Team. They’ll be engaged and excited by contributing their best work—and free you up to do what you do best.

The Strategic Advantage:
Solve the challenge of getting and keeping your team excited and on track with your future vision.
Share your Coach experience with your team, and they’ll have you covered. The tools they’ll learn in this workshop will get them up to speed with your thinking and excited about taking initiative—becoming confident problem-solvers and goal-setters in the process.

The Unique Process Advantage:
Create a powerful Front Stage experience with a team that’s energized to deliver unique value to your clients.
This session focuses on giving your team members the knowledge, tools, and confidence to consistently provide unique value to your clients. You’ll strategize together on how to strengthen both your Back Stage and Front Stage, and how to use D.O.S.® to create the type of Unique Experience your clients will never want to give up.

The Customized 10x Advantage:
Multiply everyone’s results and fast-track progress on your most important 10x goals!
Do you want to get your entire team up to speed, aligned, and excited about your 10x goals right now? This onsite workshop is customized to equip them with the key tools and concepts they can use to develop a 10x mindset and start making progress immediately.

You’ll also have a follow-up one-on-one coaching call to keep the momentum going.

Imagine the power that an entire day of working through exercises, collaborating, and strategizing together can deliver.

How to get started:

  • Contact one of our Coach+ Specialists to discuss your goals, your team, and the right workshop for you.
  • Schedule your workshop.
  • Experience a breakthrough day with your team!